Propelling your story with world-class visuals.

Chicken Bone FX Studios is your strategic creative partner wielding a unified VFX toolset throughout the entire production continuum to bring your vision to life.

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At Chicken Bone FX Studios, we believe that great work starts with great listening.

We use our experienced, passionate VFX teams in LA and NYC to shorten the distance between your vision and the final product. With a global remote-based talent pool and processes designed for virtual production from the ground up, if you’re ready to do great work together, we’re ready to listen.

“The creativity Johnny and his team brought to our film was incredible. The clean up was a miracle and the compositing was top notch. I love working with this guy and can’t recommend him enough.”
John Thompson, Director of Lend a Hand for Love
Our team has decades of experience delivering VFX services of the highest caliber for the best TV and Film projects in the industry.
  • Green/Blue Screen
  • Integration
  • Color
  • Look Development
  • Matting
  • CG Creatures
  • Humanoid Characters
  • Realistic and Stylized Movement
  • Digital Doubles
  • Crowds
  • Physical Effects Animation
  • Wire/Rig Removals
  • Roto
  • Paintouts
  • Plate Reconstruction
2D/3D FX
  • Destruction
  • Fire, Smoke, Explosions
  • Squibs
  • Water
  • Dynamic Particle Simulations
Set Extensions
  • 3D Set Augmentation
  • 2D/3D Matte Paintings
  • Background Replacements
  • CG Relighting
  • Impractical Makeup Fixes
  • Hybrid Creature Makeup
  • Full CG Face and Limb Replacements
  • Beautification
  • Aging/De-Aging
Let’s see what we can create together.