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VFX Reels

At Chicken Bone FX Studios, we specialize in providing a comprehensive range of services tailored for Series, Film, Advertising, and Immersive Content projects. From the big screen to streamers, networks, and events, our visual effects work captivates audiences across various platforms. We prioritize collaboration from pre-production to maximize creativity, streamline processes, and optimize budgets for our clients. If you have any inquiries about how we can elevate your project, please don’t hesitate to contact us.



"Barbie" Movie VFX Reel

Good Omens S.2 VFX Reel

Hello Tomorrow VFX Reel

Outer Banks S.3 Reel - Netflix

Chicken Bone FX Primary Reel - 2022

The Sandman - Netflix - Chicken Bone FX Reel

SEE - Chicken Bone FX Reel

Foundation - Chicken Bone FX Reel

Chicken Bone FX 2021 Reel

"The Queen's Gambit" VFX Reel

"Dash and Lily" VFX Reel

"Westworld" VFX Reel

Chicken Bone FX engages clients from the beginning of the production process breaking down scripts, looking at the suggested budget, working with creatives, doing virtual scouting and scanning, looking at the physical world, and extending through into post-production. The creative process is much more exciting when VFX can weigh in from the beginning to make creatives’ dreams realities. As we engage clients with a listening ear and transparency, we build a unique process for each client which addresses every desire. We make production successful.

Chicken Bone FX has been a virtual facility from our inception. Whereas many VFX companies have tried to learn to be virtual after being a traditional office-based company, Chicken Bone’s technology, workflow, pipeline, toolsets, and communication were designed and scaled for a virtual global workforce from the beginning. The advantages of this origin story play out in the midst of a current pandemic, tax challenges, and competition for talent. We are able to attract top talent that can work from home. We are able to provide tax advantages to our clients via our global capabilities. All the while, Chicken Bone is TPN certified, offering a high level of security. Our quality is outstanding– 4k film quality visual effects.