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“Foundation” VFX Reel / Breakdown

Mar 9, 2022 | Apple TV+, Foundation, Reels

Foundation on Apple TV Plus was a blast to work on.  It has now won two VES awards:  Outstanding Visual Effects in a Photoreal Episode for “The Emperor’s Peace” and Outstanding Effects Simulations in an Episode, Commercial, or Real-Time Project for “Collapse of the Galactic Empire.”


Check out our visual effects breakdown on Foundation.

Chicken Bone FX visual effects CREDITS for Foundation:

Johnny Renzulli
Aaron Kupferman
Alana Coddaire
Alex Gitler
Anthony Kramer
Arissa Blasingame
Arslan Naqvi
Austin Blasingame
Brendan Fitzgerald
Chris Hart
Christian Boudman
Christian Peck
Christina Spring
Clara Hill
Cyntia Buell
Dan Warom
Darrell Claunch
Derry Frost
Disa Gran
Ethan LeCuyer
Jason Bergman
Julie Jang
Keith MacGowan
Laura Romeo
Mark Shimer
Matthew Steidl
Paola Pratt
Raquel Fogel
Ray Rodriguez
Rich Pernice
Robert Rossello
Ruben Rodas
Sam Kim
Sam O’Hare
Scott Crafford
Sharon Marcussen
Ulysses Argetta
Vivian Wei