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Chicken Bone FX Studios presents two new reels for your enjoyment.  In these reels, you can see a little sampling of what we have been working on over the last year.

Visual effects include Fire/Smoke Sims, Crowds, DMP, DigiDoubles, Environments, Vehicles, Planes, Destruction, Blood, Fluids, Screen Comps, Blue Screen, Green Screen, and more, oh my!


Shows represented in no particular order for the 2022 Primary Reel:

  • SEE
  • Foundation
  • The Sandman 
  • The Queen’s Gambit 
  • Hacks
  • Halston



Chicken Bone FX Studios 2022 Primary VFX Reel




The Sandman  Reel – VFX Breakdowns


To see more examples of our work, click here and here.

Credits (in no particular order)

  • Sam O’Hare, VFX Supervisor
  • Ruben “Biggie” Rodas, VFX Supervisor
  • Anteneh Adamu, Sr. Compositor
  • Cristiano Meira, Compositing Supervisor
  • Riss Blasingame, Head of Production
  • Martin Boksar, DMP
  • Cassandra Bravo-Mendez, Compositor
  • Eun Sol Cho, Compositor
  • Sean Coonce, Compositor
  • Mary Ann Jones, Producer
  • Alana Coddaire, Producer
  • Robert Baca, VFX Coordinator
  • Allie Rickards, Associate Producer
  • Laura Romeo, Associate Producer,
  • Dan Warom, CG Supervisor
  • Alexander Smith, CG Supervisor
  • Jeff Doran, Compositor
  • Brendan Fitzgerald, FX Artist
  • Raquel Fogel, Compositor
  • Derry Frost, DMP
  • Alex Gitler, VFX Supervisor
  • Lamarcus Harvey, FX Artist
  • Eric Hiller, Compositor
  • Tim Kim, Sr. Compositor
  • Mike LaFave, FX Artist
  • Ethan LeCuyer, Associate Producer
  • Keith Macgowan, Compositor
  • John Mangia, VFX Supervisor
  • Alejandro Monzon, Sr. Compositor
  • Richard Pernice, Compositor
  • Gabriel Regentin, VFX Supervisor
  • Ray Rodriguez, Compositor
  • Mark Shimer, VFX Generalist
  • Katherine Soares, VFX Producer
  • Christina Spring, Sr. Compositor
  • Bridget Taylor, Sr. Compositor
  • Zach Vesely, VFX Producer
  • Nicholas Tustin, Lighter
  • Manny Hristofis, VFX Editor