‘Outer Banks’ Season 3 VFX Breakdown

Mar 10, 2023 | Matte Paint, Netflix, Set Extension

A week prior to the industry winter break, the client for Outer Banks reached out to Chicken Bone FX concerned about a few scenes of set extension shots that would not hit the show deadline with the current vendor. We took on the work close to the start of the break and had a handful of artists take time over the break to work on shots for this project. We did a wide set extension of an ancient temple placed into a valley setting. We also grunged (maybe we made that word up) up an airport matte painting to make it look run down. It was tough, creative work that ended up really impressing the client despite the short timeline and heavy creative work.  Check out the VFX breakdown below.

“Viewers can’t get enough of Outer Banks as all three seasons made Netflix’s global top 10 weekly list, with season three raking in 99 million hours viewed, while the second and first seasons garnered 27.7 million hours and 34 million hours viewed, respectively, according to Netflix data.

In the U.S., all three seasons of Outer Banks made the list again with season one appearing six consecutive weeks, season two appearing seven consecutive times and season three appearing two consecutive times on the chart, respectively.” (source: Forbes, March 7, 2023)

With a quick renewal, Netflix is wasting no time in prepping to get the fourth season of filming on Outer Banks underway with the series now tentatively scheduled to begin filming in May 2023.


VFX Credit for Outer Banks S.3

VFX Supervisor – Ari Rubenstein

VFX Producer – Zachary Vesely

Associate Producer – Elizabeth Booth

Coordinator – James Mezzo

Compositing Supervisor – Cristiano Meira

Lead Compositor – Eun Sol Cho

Compositor – Victor Torres


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