Set Extensions As Part of Virtual Production

Aug 4, 2020 | Blog, Set Extension, Virtual Production

Film and TV production is significantly restrained in a mid/post COVID world; particularly on-location.  Most global locations at large are inaccessible and yet “the show must go on.” Virtual production (VP) uses a few robust MX and gaming technologies to facilitate the creation or augmentation of fully 3D environments to allow assets like set extensions–similar to the ones pictured here– to be rendered alternatively in real-time on set giving directors, production designers, and art directors ready access to digital toolsets. This effectively moves more asset prep to pre-production and can help make previs more accessible to the average production. VP can also make daunting “location shoots” possible and safe with its digital counterpart. In summary, virtual production / mixed reality can give you more set extensions, cleaner workflows, and safer productions.