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A Time for Thanksgiving

Nov 24, 2021 | VFX

What We Are Grateful For This Year

We love Thanksgiving– it’s such a great time to pause, reflect, and embrace gratitude.  We’ve been doing some fun things over Slack these past few days and thought we’d share with you what we are thinking about.  Our entire company is still working remotely from home except for about four folks who like to pop into an office every now and then.  Of course, most of us worked remotely for Chicken Bone FX pre-pandemic so there’s not much of a change here.  It takes a ton of intentionality to build human connection into a fully remote organization.  We hope you feel that here and find some inspiration from our team.

Chicken Bone FX has shot out of the dark days of the pandemic like a bullet train.  We’ve hired about 60 people this year and are still climbing.  We’ve had fun working on shows like SEE, Foundation, Hacks, Halston, To All The Boys 3, Younger, Hello Goodbye, From Scratch, First Kill, Essex, Manifest.  We will be releasing reels and B&A’s for these soon.  During all this busyness, the crew has also grown in pets and babies.  There is so much to be grateful for.

One of our employees may have said it best:  “I am thankful that I get to ride this big wet rock through the universe at such a great transitional time in history when we can experience and comprehend together that we are in the future of our past and that consciousness has somehow kept existing in the very unforgiving vastness of space, radiation, and antimatter. Even if the odds are that we are in a simulation, it’s reel AF to me and I am happy to experience it with all those who make every day something new, exciting, and special. You All Included!!!!”


Chicken Bone’s Thanksgiving Soundtracks


Courtesy of Ulysses Argetta:

Courtesy of Anteneh Adamu:

Courtesy of Jevaughn Yorke:

Courtesy of Raquel Fogel:

Courtesy of Riss Blasingame:

Courtesy of Sam O’Hare:

Courtesy of Chris Reid:

and another one from Chris Reid:

Courtesy of Emma Everett: Charlie Brown Thanksgiving

Favorite Thanksgiving Dishes & Recipes

Courtesy of Zachary Vesely:  Shrimp wrapped in bacon, cooked on the grill, slathered in BBQ sauce.  Runner up– Buffalo cheesy ranch chicken dip.

Courtesy of Riss Blasingame: Buffalo-style deviled eggs.  Boil 6 eggs, per usual and for the mixture use 1 TBSP mayo, 1 TBSP ranch, 1 TBSP Franks buffalo sauce (more to taste) and garnish with bacon, blue cheese crumble, and celery.

Also from Riss Blasingame:  Caramelized Brussels Sprout Toast with Burrata & Bacon

Ethan LeCuyer can’t go back to deviled eggs without pickled eggs.  And, brussels sprouts….”those little cabbages make me feel like a giant.”

The only way Cyntia Buell can get her kids to eat Brussels is to put a lot of honey on them before putting them in the oven.  Good idea!

Sam O’Hare says you can’t go wrong with Bacon Wrapped Dates

Anteneh Adamu says he signed an NDA with his family prohibiting him from disclosing family recipes but can say he does love Spicy Bacon Infused Stuffing.

Jeff Doran’s go-to is deep fried turkey.  Ingredients: 1 old 15 gal stainless steel beer keg, remove top with plasma cutter. 1 King Kooker 120,000 btu propane burner. 1 candy thermometer. 1 fresh turkey. 5 gal peanut oil. Chef Williams Creole Butter injectable marinade. Chef Williams Cajun Shake rub. Inject turkey uniformly with marinade, drawing needle through meat as you inject. Rub skin with dry spice Cajun Shake. Suspend turkey using cotton twine or deep fry rig. Suspend thermometer in peanut oil and preheat oil to 350f. CAREFULLY lower turkey into hot oil and maintain consistent 350f temp. Cook for 3 1/2 minutes per pound. 

Courtesy of Arslan Naqvi:  Very Good Roast Turkey

Courtesy of Emma Everett:  Sausage and Cranberry Stuffed Mushrooms with Sage