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Chicken Bone Visual Effects Reel 2020

Jun 16, 2020 | Reels, VFX


The Chicken Bone Visual Effects 2020 Reel highlights our work with HBO, AMC, Marvel, Amazon, Netflix, Hulu, Warner Bros., and NBC, to name a few.  Our experienced VFX teams in LA and NYC deliver the highest caliber visual effects for the best TV and Film projects in the industry.

2020 has been an interesting year, hasn’t it? COVID-19, wildfires, protests, and a divisive political environment proved to either “kill us or make us stronger.”  Chicken Bone has emerged stronger.  With a global pandemic at hand, the visual effects and film industries shut down and any work to be done has had to be done remotely.  For many visual effects companies, the shift to remote work was a scramble….somewhat of a MacGyver moment  We find ourselves very grateful that we built the company as a virtual / remote-based company from the beginning.  Yes, we have offices in Los Angles and New York City for key operational/executive staff however, the majority of our production staff has been a remote global workforce.  Our processes, communication, and tools were all selected and built out for remote work first– not an afterthought  We did this to provide competitive advantages to studios in the way of top quality, tax savings, and flexibility never imagining a pandemic.  Maintaining morale hasn’t been easy between lockdowns and fire smoke, but our team has mastered the art of virtual happy hours and communication channels to keep spirits up. #antiracism #random #coronavirus #nerds.  Fortunately, we’ve had plenty of long 4k shots to keep us busy with tight deadlines and last-minute revisions.

Here’s to hoping the industry revives soon.  As it does, we’ll be ready.  Hope you enjoy our visual effects 2020 reel.  If you’re ready to do great work together, we’re ready to listen.  Come on 2021!

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